We here at LA Music Blog have been hard at work building our list of favorite albums released this year, and hands down one of mine came straight from OneRepublic. Their fourth studio album, Oh My My, was released in October, and it hits every OneRepublic fan’s sweet spots with infectious hooks, beautiful acoustic guitars, powerful gospel choirs, and Ryan Tedder’s emotional lyrics sung in typically epic fashion.

Their performances have been some of the best shows I’ve seen in Los Angeles, and the band even swung through LA recently for an intimate show at The Troubadour. Join me as I count down the top five songs that put these Colorado rockers on the global map.

5) “Let’s Hurt Tonight”

That’s right, I’m putting one of their newest songs on my top five. Why? Just listen to Tedder’s soaring vocals and clever lyrics: “If love is pain, let’s hurt tonight.” Hits you right in the gut in the best way.

4) “Stop and Stare”

This was OneRepublic’s powerful second single, ensuring they weren’t just a one hit wonder. “Stop and Stare” showed the world this band could create a rock ballad with introspective lyrics as powerful as their debut (see number 1 on my list).

3) “Counting Stars”

Easily one of OneRepublic’s most epic songs, “Counting Stars” was destined for success with its catchy chorus and clap-along energy. The band definitely did this song justice when it came time to film its video counterpart; the music video for this hit single has become one of the most-viewed on YouTube, racking up over 1.5 billion views.

2) “Secrets”

OneRepublic is known for their heart-wrenchingly emotional songs as Tedder’s lyrics bare his soul to the world. This cut is one of my favorites because it speaks to the vulnerability that comes with being completely honest, highlighted and heightened by OneRepublic’s ever-present strings.

1) “Apologize”

How could OneRepublic’s breakout debut single not be number one on this list? This earworm dug itself into my brain and has stayed there for years with its dramatic cello, Tedder’s flip into falsetto, and those angst-filled lyrics. Whether you were a teen dealing with your first heartbreak or a seasoned, lovelorn adult when you first heard it, this single was the kiss-off every broken-hearted lover desperately needed.

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