Advertised as “Bigger and Bedder,” cancer-fighting music festival Bedstock is back for its third year! Musicians play from their beds to raise funds and awareness for MyMusicRx, a flagship program of the Children’s Cancer Association. It aims to enhance the lives of children with cancer by bringing music to their bedside — whether through in-hospital sing-along programs and live concerts or online music lessons, digital concerts, and games.

This year’s digital show, taking place November 29th (today!), boasts an impressive lineup featuring Norah Jones, Moby, Panic! At the Disco, Alessia Cara, Jack Johnson, and Tegan and Sara, among others.

Tegan and Sara recently shared their performance video with Billboard. In the accompanying interview, Sara Quinn states, “The idea is so simple, to perform from bed for those who can’t leave theirs.”

The acoustic rendition of their 2012 single, “Closer,” is sung while sitting in the close (pun-intended) quarters of their tour-bus bunks. The duo harmonizes impeccably, their stripped-down performance a beautiful reminder that music matters; melodies motivate and heal.

I can’t wait to see the rest of this year’s videos. As a songwriter born to an oncologist father, it’s incredible to see so many artists participate in the movement to heal cancer through music.

Be sure to visit Bedstock’s official website to make a donation or to catch the performances. More information about the cause can be found on MyMusicRx.