Every 4 years, there’s drama in America. But in this election cycle, the heat got turned up.

Ok, I’m not going to get into foreign policy or talk details of this crazy election. We all know it’s as unique as the new digital world we live in. Of course, on both sides, there are always campaign rallies where a candidate uses a song from an artist (usually a progressive artist) and that artist gets upset, subsequently asking the candidate to STOP using their music.

I thought it’d be fun to not only list some of the artists that have forbidden Trump from using their songs, but also to hear the song they are protecting with all their hearts. I’m doing this with Trump’s campaign as the subject compared to Hillary’s not as an endorsement, but simply because not enough bands have opposed Hillary. And, let’s face it — Trump is more fun.

God Bless You. And May God Bless the United States of America!

Here we go:

Aerosmith – “Dream On”

Twisted Sister – “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Queen – “We Are The Champions”

The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up”

Neil Young – “Keep On Rockin In The Free World”

Adele – “Rolling in The Deep”

R.E.M. – “It’s The End Of The World”

While listening to this awesome playlist, please make sure you are registered to vote!