It’s hard to imagine that a band that has been together for the better part of three decades can still put out good music, still be culturally relevant, and still be able to put on a good show in a small venue. No, Revolution Radio isn’t the classic album fans fell in love with in Dookie, and it’s not the phenom that was American Idiot, but it does remind us that Green Day still knows how to hit hard, put on an amazing show, and make a point while doing so.

When Green Day took the tiny stage at KROQ’s Red Bull Sound Space on Wednesday, the 300 members of the audience lost their collective shit. It’s one thing when bands like The Head & The Heart or Awolnation play there, but those bands aren’t in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


Without a “Hello, Los Angeles,” the band kicked it off with their classic “Welcome To Paradise.” After watching the first bit of the song through several people’s phones, I was happy to hear Billie Joe Armstrong ask everyone to put them away and be in the moment.

From then on, the crowd was focused and intent on enjoying an action-packed hour of one of the best bands on the planet as they played a set that solidly represented their career, including four or five songs from Dookie, a few scattered American Idiot tracks, “Minority,” and a handful from their latest release.

Getting to see a band like Green Day in a space such as Red Bull Sound Space blows away expectations. Not only do you get the opportunity to see one of the greatest bands in rock & roll playing in an intimate setting, but you get a brief moment to hear them interviewed, reminding you that they are in fact human and that the term “rock god” is only hyperbole. For me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and those who were there would surely agree.

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