With all the activities available to the campers, one could almost forget that there was a music festival going on. Almost. Even though Dirtybird Campout boasted only one main stage during the day with an after-hours stage playing all night and late into the morning, there was never a lack of music for people to get weird to (a very encouraged behavior amongst the Dirtybirds). If you remember, I had been very disappointed that I missed Justin Jay and Friends at HARD Summer, so I made sure not to make that mistake again!

Justin Jay is the kind of musician that gives those trying to break into the industry hope. Since signing to Dirtybird Records following the ultimate shot-in-the-dark move of submitting a song to Claude VonStroke online, the DJ has continued to grow and branch out with various side projects, including raging house parties in Los Angeles that often get so crowded they are quickly shut down. In the past year, he has launched Justin Jay & Friends, released his debut album across multiple labels, and finally announced the inception of Fantastic Voyage, his very own record label! His set at the Campout was everything I had hoped it would be: fun and full of surprises.

photo by Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny
Photo by Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny

The only disappointment I had during the weekend was that my favorite DJ, J.Phlip, was not in attendance as had previously been announced. She is one of my biggest influences in dance music, and I was really looking forward to her set. There has been no official reason given for the absence, and I hope all is well with her.

That said, the extended set by Justin Martin was enough to keep the spirits on the dance floor high! He also played a secret late-night D&B set with the Martin Brothers. Not only was that event requested by campers, an official petition was created to make it happen. Lucky for us all, it paid off!

When Martin wasn’t playing a set or row boating with campers, the pizza aficionado was often back at the pizza vendor, The Dough Lab, engaging in a pizza party with a spin the wheel competition that offered campers the chance to win everything from a free shower (much coveted by everyone in the dust-filled venue), camp patches, free pizza, and even a pizza party with the man himself!

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