As far as metal goes, I’ve never been the most all-in person. Give me black metal, deathcore, thrashy hardcore, holy terror, blackgaze, crust, and doom, but out-and-out metal never seems to track with me. That’s why Skeletonwitch is so much damn fun.

The group has all the trappings of characteristic metal and death — the intricately detailed fantasy-like covers, badass logo treatment, crazy guitar solos, and a high-pitched, whisper-like scream — but delivers it in such a way as to make it absolutely accessible. Their music is about as stereotypically death metal as one can find, is absolutely self-aware, and still manages to be a total blast.

With a bill filled out by some personal favorites in Oathbreaker and some amazing straight-ahead thrash punk courtesy of Iron Reagan, last night at The Roxy was all about head-banging glory.