Fans have been clamoring for the now-legendary final album that seminal hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest was still under contract to deliver to their record label, and though the group had toured sporadically and recently re-issued their classic debut LP, the last time they officially released anything new was in 1998 with their then-final-album, The Love Movement. Any lingering hope that fans had was squashed with the tragic and untimely passing of group member Phife Dawg earlier this year.

But now the unthinkable has happened. Q-Tip has taken to Facebook and Instagram to announce that the group has one last chapter in the can, and it’s ready to be unleashed to the masses on November 11.


Via a handwritten note to the fans, the group’s leader revealed that after performing on The Tonight Show last year to promote the aforementioned reissue of 1990’s People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, the quartet felt inspired to re-enter the studio and work on new material.

The recorded material stemming from these sessions — featuring contributions from Phife before his passing — are what we will hear next month. Frequent collaborator Busta Rhymes and sometimes-group-member Consequence are also participants in the project.

So many questions, so much excitement. But it won’t be long before the world gets to hear this milestone.

Here’s a transcript of Q-Tip’s note:



We hope this letter finds you & yours safe and without a scratch!

Last year this time myself, Jairobi, Ali and PHIFE had the extreme pleasure of performing on the Tonight Show. It was our 1st TV performance in 18 yrs.

The energy for us that night was one that we hadn’t experienced on stage together in some time!

It was also the night of the PARIS BOMBING…November 13th…Friday…A unreasonably warm night in NYC…

As we left 30 ROCK I felt the need, we all did, to get back to the Studio and start that hookup!! SO WE GOT TO IT!!

It was coming together nicely and as you may know we lost our BROTHER may GOD REST HIS SOUL on March 22nd.

But he left us with the BluePrint of what we had to do.

So we collected ourselves and along tribesmen, BUSTA and CONS…we completed what will be, obviously the final A TRIBE CALLED QUEST ALBUM!

No this isn’t filled with old Phife bars…This is that pure, unstepped on pure!!

And on November 11th, 2016 we will complete our Paths of Rhythm…Join us!



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