Local songstress Luna Shadows has had a massive summer. She released an EP filled with hazy, pop perfection (Summertime) and debuted her live show right here in the city that inspired her West Coast hymns. The Los Angeles singer/writer/producer/you name it shows no signs of stopping as she has now released her debut music video, and it’s for one of my favorite tracks of the summer.

With the help of digital marketers Ride or Cry Collective and DTLA’s Production Club, Luna created an artistically hypnotic video filled with dreamy aesthetics that perfectly match the sound of her track “Hallelujah California.”

The video is drowning in symbolism, portraying a monochromatic view of “the inflated and hyper-romanticized image that people may have of the California dream,” according to Luna. The result of this collaboration is a visual that reflects the realities of urban living in Los Angeles, the isolation and loneliness that goes hand in hand with picturesque palm trees and beautiful beaches.

“My father used to say that [Leonard Cohen’s] ‘Hallelujah’ was the saddest song ever written, mostly because its darkness was disguised in a major key; conversely, the sole uplifting praise word ‘Hallelujah’ was paired with the most melancholy of melodies,” Luna explained. “Playing on this juxtaposition, ‘Hallelujah California’ is my eye-roll love letter to Los Angeles. The song explores how disorienting it can feel at times to live in a paradise, to have an endless summer, but still experience such sadness and doubt.”

With a growing, impressive body of work, this Echo Park pop princess will continue delivering her dreamy, melancholic music, and I can’t wait to see what her sunny sadness brings next.

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