Music is art, and art should evoke a response. Prophets of Rage is here to challenge the status quo and to spread the message that “the world won’t change itself – that is up to us. Aim for the world we really want without compromise or apology. Stand up for justice.”

Whereas politics are a common subject for musicians during an election year, enacting social change is not a new passion of these men. With a history of singing about the condition of the world and acting as a rallying cry for change, the members of Prophets of Rage are passionate about their causes and the difference they can make, all while encouraging others to do the same.

Not one to speak empty words, a portion of the proceeds from the group’s tour support local homeless shelters and food banks. The LA stop’s proceeds went to PATH, People Assisting the Homeless, whose mission is to provide resources to those who are homeless in order to help them get into permanent housing.

When I arrived at The Forum, openers Awolnation had just finished performing, and the audience excitedly awaited the supergroup formed by members of Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, and Public Enemy. As the anticipation grew, DJ Lord came out and took his rightful place by the turntables.

Bringing the crowd to their feet with the opening bars of the national anthem, he smoothly transitioned into hits such as “California Love,” “Sound of Da Police,” and “Under Pressure.” No genre was off limits for DJ Lord, who had a chance to fully showcase his skills. The crowd erupted in cheers when Lord transitioned from “Sweet Dreams” to “Enter Sandman,” and no one was left questioning his talent or mastery of the turntables.

After DJ Lord’s set, Mary Morello, Tom Morello’s 92-year-old mother, came on stage to introduce “the best fucking band ever,” and Prophets of Rage jumped right into their titular track, causing three mosh pits to break out into a frenzy immediately. Morello still shreds on his guitar, and the energy of the entire band was absolutely crazy. The front third of the floor was in constant motion throughout the entire set, and just when people thought it wouldn’t get any better, Dave Grohl came on stage to perform with the band during “Kick Out The Jams.”

In addition to being incredibly talented musicians with a strong message, the members of Prophets of Rage are also appreciative of and thankful for those around them. For the first time ever in my concert-going experience, the band came up and specifically thanked the people working at The Forum, acknowledging their hard work and long hours. Working events is often a thankless job, and it was really touching to see the band have everyone stop and recognize all of the effort that is put into making a show happen.

Music with a larger purpose is wonderful, and Prophets of Rage are using their popularity and fame to make a change. Let’s make America rage again.


Prophets of Rage
Guerrilla Radio
Cochise/Channel Zero
People of the Sun
Miuzi Weighs a Ton
How Could I Just Kill a Man
Take the Power Back
(Rock) Superstar
Hand on the Pump
Can’t Truss It
Insane in the Brain
Bring the Noise
I Ain’t Goin Out Like That
Welcome to the Terrordome
Jump Around
Sleep Now in the Fire
Bullet in the Head
Shut Em down
Know Your Enemy
The Party’s Over
No Sleep Till Brooklyn (LA)
Bulls on Parade
Kick Out the Jams
Killing in the Name