Before this week, I hadn’t yet ventured inside the The Teragram Ballroom despite it being around for year or so, but experiencing The Album Leaf at the venue made for a solid first impression. The band’s ambient tones and projections had a light wash over the relatively “new” space, and I managed to explore the grounds a bit more than I normally would while focusing simply on their music and my surroundings.

While I have been into the post-rock sound for quite some time, I wasn’t hooked until I saw poet Steve Roggenbuck’s video “Somewhere in the bottom of the rain,” which features The Album Leaf’s song “Window” in the background to gently carry his words along. The scene at The Teragram gave beautiful character to everyone and everything in that specific moment, which may come off as cliché, but it’s what I’ve come to enjoy most about post-rock and ambient shows.

The Album Leaf just released Between Waves in August, years after their previous album, and they were, of course, sure to play a handful of songs from it on Tuesday night. Check out my photos below, and be sure to drop a comment with your favorite moments from the night!