With lo-fi darling Angel Olsen, Aussie dream-pop duo Big Scary, and long, LONG time LAmb favorites Cymbals Eat Guitars all releasing new albums today, competition for the title of “Release of the Week” was beyond fierce. That alone should tell you just how excited I am about Jamie T’s new album Trick.

Given the five-year gap between Kings and Queens (my favorite album of 2009) and 2014’s Carry On The Grudge, I had no expectations that the British songwriter/producer born Jamie Treays would release a new full-length album any time soon. He entered a self-imposed exile after the success of his first two albums (his Mercury prize-nominated debut, Panic Prevention, was released in 2007), so I was ready to wait (semi)patiently for his next release.

Thankfully, that wait has been brief. Seems since Jamie T returned to the public eye, he’s had no shortage of inspiration. Last year he released a new EP, Magnolia Melancholia, and in the lead-up to today’s release of Trick, he’s shared three very different (but equally impressive) singles.

Jamie T Trick

Based on the latest of those tracks, “Drone Strike,” Trick will mark a return at least partially to the sharp-edged, incisive rapping that first grabbed my attention seven years ago but that was absent from the more indie rock-leaning Carry On The Grudge.

The two songs that preceded “Drone Strike,” the sinister “Tinfoil Boy” and the sexy “Power Over Men,” were each paired with a provocative (and someone unsettling) music video. Combine those videos with that trio of songs, and I’m expecting Trick to be an even more eclectic, edgier album than its immediate predecessor.

But, really, with Jamie T the only thing I can truly expect is to be impressed, which is why I have no trouble calling Trick my “Release of the Week” (and de facto contender for a spot of my best albums of the year list come December).

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