We here at LA Music Blog have been eagerly awaiting the release of Break: The Musical, written, produced, and starring our own staff writer Mary Bonney. The original musical series follows a Los Angeles music journalist named Kate, and in today’s premiere episode, our protagonist is assigned the biggest break of her career — an interview with her rock star idol (played by America’s Got Talent finalist Brian Justin Crum) — and the news can only be properly contemplated with an uplifting song and dance.

Check out episode one of Break: The Musical below, which features Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars:

The series also stars Whitney Avalon of Princess Rap Battles and Jeffrey Christopher Todd of The Young and the Restless. New episodes will be released Wednesdays on YouTube until October 19th, and we’ll be posting recaps of each one, so stay tuned!

For more information:

Break: The Musical’s official site