Has the vibe of the crowd changed since you revealed Ephwurd as being Datsik and Bais Hause?

D: It’s funny. I feel like a lot of kids aren’t really sure what to expect, and that’s what’s cool about it. When we get up there, it’s kind of like, “Okay, it’s Datsik and Bais Hause. Are they just going to play bass house or are they going to play dubstep?”

I feel like every single set we do is different from the last. When we played Escape from Wonderland, we played all bass. Then we were like, “Yo, let’s switch it up.” Because half the group is dubstep, it’s acceptable for me to go to that realm. Kids are like, “Aww, yeah!” when we cut into “Got My Swagger Back” in the middle of a set.

We play all types of different tempos, but I feel like every single DJ has a go-to tempo. As Datsik, I will play a lot of different shit, but I’ll always come back to that 140-150 dubstep tempo. With Ephwurd, I feel like we keep coming back to 128 as our common ground.

B: It’s cool because we can go anywhere with it. Originally, we branded ourselves as “bass house,” but at the end of the day, we just say, “Fuck what anybody thinks. We play what we want as long as it sounds good and hyped up. 110, 128, 150…”

It’s just about getting kids hyped up. They don’t give a fuck, and they want to fuckin’ go crazy, so let’s give it to them.

Do you have anything upcoming?

B: We are working on our EP right now. We have two months off until Halloween. We have a bunch of 128 stuff lined up, but we are actually trying to break the bubble. We are good friends with The Chainsmokers, and we want to make a pop track, so we send them shit all the time.

D: They are our best critics.

B: They are like, “This one sucks. This one’s tight.”

D: “This one’s cool. The production is awesome, but the vocals shit.” Or “The vocals are awesome on this one. The drop can use some work.” I like that they are transparent with you, and that’s why they are the only people we usually send our shit to. They are one of the biggest acts in the world right now, and it’s cool to have people like that supporting us and in our corner. They know we are coming for them, though!

D: It’s cool being a producer. I feel like with Datsik, how many times can you rewrite a song that’s 140? I’ve put out like 2 or 3 albums and countless EPs. I have like 90-some odd tracks out, and it’s mostly all dubstep. With Ephwurd, we are trying to find something that has crossover appeal that could potentially get on the radio but that still has a little edge to it.

It’s a whole new set of challenges because every single element that’s in a track is there for a reason, whereas with dubstep we’ll just throw in forty fucking sweeps to make the most insane buildup ever, then throw in a bunch of loud noises and make the drop go crazy. With writing pop and radio-style songs, everything has its place, and it’s really fun to try to figure out what works.

B: It’s like learning a new language.

D: In the end, I feel like it makes you better because you are exploring all options and all avenues as opposed to doing one thing.

Is there an estimated release date for the EP?

B: We’ve already finished a couple tracks, and we have two months more to finish however much we can. Then from there we will pick and choose what goes on the EP. Of what’s left over, we’ll delegate it to Spinin, our record label, if it’s house music, or we’ll just give it away for free because we love doing that and kids love free music.

It’s always good to keep kids interested in what we are doing. If you go into a lull for more than a month or two, they are like, “What’s up? What are you doing?” So it’s always good to have stuff to be pushing.

D: The shit that’s coming next for us: We’re going to be working on this next EP, and then we are going to do a string of dates in November. We’ll probably bang out 10 or 15 shows in the month.

During this exact same period of time I’m also working on my next Datsik record (EP or LP, I’m not sure), and once that’s finished, I’m launching a whole new production, a whole new stage, and going on tour as Datsik.

B: It looks amazing, by the way. It looks cool as fuck.

D: Shhhhhhhh…

D: We’re doing that, and then starting in January, we are going on a three-month bus tour. My ninth bus tour…

B: It’s going to be interesting to figure out because we got invited on a few bus tours. Troy is going on his bus tour, and at the same time, we were invited to go on a few others.

D: We might just hire a private jet for the month.

B: It’s going to be a super-fucking-busy 2017.

Ephwurd Tour Dates:

Oct 28 – BOO! SF – San Francisco, CA – TicketsRSVP

Nov 04 – EDC Orlando – Orlando, FL – TicketsRSVP

*All the numbers mentioned in the articles are tempos in reference to different styles of EDM.

128: Big room, house, techno, and electro house
105-115: Moombahton, midtempo, and glitch hop
130-150: Dubstep, trap, and trance
165+: Hardstyle and DnB