Here at LA Music Blog, we’re all about highlighting established LA bands, of course, but we’re also in the game of presenting up-and-coming acts that we think are great and deserve the chance to be heard, which is why we have a Featured Artist section on our site homepage that we update weekly.

This summer, that section has been dominated by the bands and artists we’re presenting at each Eat|See|Hear event, but one act I can say we’re truly presenting practically from its inception is the lovely and soulful Isla June.

Isla June, a Southern/Motown blend initially conceived of by leader Jenna Maranga, only has a few Soundcloud links to its name, but just based on their performance at Santa Monica High School Saturday night for Eat|See|Hear (their second!), we’re sure they’re going to go places the same way Alabama Shakes has.

David Fisch was again onsite to interview the band to get to know them a little better, and he caught their performance ahead of a screening of one of John Hughes’ ’80s “brat pack” films, Pretty In Pink.

Check out the interview and a track from Isla June’s performance below!

For a more detailed schedule of events, including which movies are being shown, visit the Eat|See|Hear website.