Do Deftones really need an introduction? I mean, come on…really? You know who they are. They have been around for 27 years and have been rock gods for the majority of that time. They are the coolest band, the one everyone’s older brother always knew was good and made sure you knew, too. Live at The Greek Wednesday night, they proved they are just as divinely powerful in person as you would expect.

First up was the amazing Rituals of Mine (nèe Sister Crayon, whom I’ve written about before), and they, as per usual, were incredible. Vocalist Terra Lopez is mesmerizing and seductive, engaging with and confronting the audience in this personal way, demanding one’s attention. Their set was all too short, but I feel pretty confident that they are going to be selling out clubs on their own in the very near future. Keep an eye out for them and their record Devoted, which is set to drop via Warner Bros Records.

The less said by me about Yelawolf’s set the better. Suffice it to say their last record is surprisingly solid, and he seemed amazingly gracious with fans as he wandered around the grounds of The Greek, a genuine smile on his face for every photo and every handshake or slap on the back from his adorers.

Deftones, on the other hand, are a thing above. Vocalist Chino Moreno is a force — jumping around and dodging here, interacting with the crowd there, all with this astounded smile on his face, like he didn’t expect to see thousands of people shouting back his lyrics. Few performers radiate the kind of good will that Deftones do; simply by watching them you get the sense that they would be the absolute coolest dudes to hang out with, despite the fact they are rock gods.