Southern California summers have an almost endless supply of a handful of things: smog, heat, and pool parties — and if there’s one thing that ’90s rap taught us, it’s that California knows how to party!

Take a moment to imagine you are back in high school and you’ve been invited to a pool party up in Palm Springs by your bro Chuck (whom you secretly hate because, let’s face it, Chuck is a tool, but he’s popular because he’s a jock, his parents have the biggest mansion, and he’s somehow grown a beard since middle school and can buy everyone beer). Everyone shows, and even though it’s the hottest day of summer, you all get down and have the wildest pool party ever!

That is how I would describe Splash House: the wildest, craziest house party with amazing music and a huge crowd of people that you maybe wouldn’t normally hang out with but are now bonded with forever over music, sunburns, and pool floaties.

Photo by Jesse Fulton

Splash House set the tone for one crazy weekend with a special after-hours concert with Rufus Du Sol at the Air Museum. Even though it was really the warm-up event, everyone was dancing like it was the height of the party. The Australian trio left everyone buzzing and ready for more, which Splash House happily provided!

*photo by jose Negrete
Photo by Jose Negrete

What I think makes Splash House such a unique experience isn’t just the location, the music, or the crowd — it’s the amount of personal attachment and pride that creator Tyler McLean has for the festival. He grew up in Palm Springs with family in the hospitality industry and has managed to build a festival that plays to Palm Springs’ strengths, offsetting things like the 100+ degree weather that could easily ruin the plans of anyone who wasn’t intimately familiar with the location.

He had this to say about this year’s festival:

“It has been an absolutely incredible summer for Splash House, and we are overjoyed with the reaction we have felt from our amazing fans. As we close out our biggest season to date, I want to thank everyone who has supported us and helped us grow over the years. We love the community that has made Splash House special and hope to continue to offer you more each and every year. We also want to thank our dedicated staff and venue hosts that worked to keep everyone safe and hydrated all weekend despite record temps. We look forward to being back in 2017 for our fifth year of the festival.”

The stand-out performance of the weekend wasn’t any of the DJs I actually went to Splash House to see (though Rufus du Sol, Gorgon City, MK, and SNBRN all absolutely killed during their sets). The performer I was actually the most inspired by was Kaleena Zanders, who sang for SNBRN at the opening and closing of his set.

I would have been happy to just sit and watch Kaleena Zanders do her thing for an entire set! You can always gauge a singer’s passion through their voice, and Kaleena’s voice is the perfect reflection of the singer herself: wild, loud, and full of a passion for life that you just can’t fake.

*photo by Anastasia Velicescu
Photo by Anastasia Velicescu

If you haven’t ventured to Palm Springs any time outside of Coachella season, I recommend you plan a trip to Splash House next year! It has all the music, vibes, and parties of the desert with none of the dust.

My pro tip for the ultimate Splash House weekend would be to get a room package and really give it the house party vibe! It’s the best to be able to take a break whenever you feel the need to get some water, dry off, and cool down and have everything just inside the hotel for you.

Also, if you are staying at the Saguaro (which I highly recommend), make sure you plan out some killer designs for your balcony overlooking the party! The best-dressed balcony can win tickets to the next year’s Splash House.

*photo by Jesse Fulton
Photo by Jesse Fulton

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