There are a handful of bands that I have been meaning to cross off of my concert bucket list for a while now, and although Slipknot has played in the area countless times over the last 13 years that I’ve been a fan, I hadn’t been able to make it to a live show –until this week. It’s said that good things come to those who wait, and that must surely be true as the group’s performance was absolutely phenomenal.

Slipknot knows what they’re doing, and it’s clearly evident that after 17 years, they’ve perfected the art of the live show. No part of the stage went to waste. Percussionists Chris Fehn and Shawn Crahan were on elevated rotating platforms, while Sid Wilson and Craig Jones had elevated platforms as well. The stage also had a large second level with a ramp that the band members were free to roam around on.

With over 15 years worth of songs to choose from, there was no way Slipknot would be able to play everyone’s favorite songs, but they were sure not to skip over some of their biggest hits, including “Psychosocial,” “Before I Forget,” “Duality,” and “Dead Memories,” which is still stuck in my head.

Due to his broken neck, frontman Corey Taylor wasn’t able to jump around, but that in no way hindered him from putting on an amazing show. In fact, he got one jump in for the night, and during it he was able to get the entire arena to jump with him in unison on his command. What a sight, to witness roughly 17,000 people jump up at once!

Here are my photos from the show!