Echo Park Rising seems to be growing in size, roster, and attendance each year, and it is quickly being dubbed as a sort of micro version of SXSW. Bars, venues, bookshops, and cafes around LA’s resident hipster neighborhood participate in hosting art, comedy, readings, and music performances by a myriad of artists, many of them local.


The event promotes the LA music scene, showcasing lesser known but veritably talented local acts, while offering a free weekend event for LA scene-seekers. There are literally hundreds of performers on the roster for this weekend’s 3-day event, and one of them happens to be a band I recently discovered and am thrilled to be seeing make their debut at this year’s festivities: Ablebody.

The group comprises LA-based sibling duo Christoph Hochheim, a former member of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Depreciation Guild, and his identical twin Anton, who for years has been working on and off as a music publicist and touring musician. Now the two are focusing on their own project, which has been in the works for some time but is just now ready to be promoted to the masses thanks to the recent completion of Ablebody’s debut LP, Adult Contemporaries.


The record, which is a sort of melding of both brothers’ musical sensibilities, has an ethereal, dreamy quality while channeling ’80s synth-pop atop silky vocals and the occasional subtle burst of reverb. Check out album single “Backseat Heart,” which deals with the simultaneous unraveling of a relationship and the inability to acknowledge it due to the comforts of routine. The rest of the album explores similarly complex themes of the gray areas within a relationship and the difficulties associated with confronting them.

Ablebody’s album will be released on October 14th via Lolipop Records, an LA label that invariably maintains a huge presence at Echo Park Rising each year. Ablebody will be performing at Lot 1 this Saturday at 3pm, as well as The Whisperer at 10pm.

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