Some very sexy albums have been cooking and are now ready to be served, so let’s indulge in this delicious concoction of creativity! Some of the sounds coming out of these albums are perfect for August but are so colorful, they can be enjoyed anytime.

Ages and Ages – Something To Ruin
This band has a nice combination of Dylan, Coldplay, and even a little Beastie Boys. Their sound boasts beautiful harmonies and classic hooks. Since coming on the scene, they have have gotten better and better. Check out the new album and judge for yourself.


AJJ – The Bible 2
Get ready to rock with these local favorites formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad. I know I put on my helmet and went for the ride.


Bayside – Vacancy
From the singer: “Our music has always been whimsical. It’s never followed the verse, chorus, bridge format – we often have several key changes and odd time structures; lots of things you only really hear in musicals and where in the past we’d have a pop guy help us reel that in, Tim O’Heir (who produced the record), who was nominated for a TONY for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, was someone who got the weird shit we do and has an affinity for the dramatic, whimsical side of the band.” If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will. Give these guys a listen — you won’t be sorry!

bayside vacancy

Crystal Castles – AMNESTY (I)
This is the band’s first album since 2012 and also the first without Alice Glass. After Glass’ contentious departure from the band, I think the rest of the crew is ready to move on with new vocalist Edith Frances.

crystal castles amnesty

Ed Harcourt – Furnaces
This is the seventh album from the well-rehearsed songwriter. He talks of existential crises and the wicked ways of the world. A relevant album that is not only topical, but musically satisfying, too.

Ed Harcourt FURNACES

Lindsey Stirling – Brave Enough
Lindsey got notoriety through being one of the most-viewed artists on YouTube. She tours around playing violin for big acts and bounces around the world in a boisterous way. Listen to her get deep in her new album and, of course, shred some violin. I’ve met this girl and can assure you that she is fun and full of energy. There is no question that this new album will be packed with that same cute, contagious energy. Love it!

lindsey stirling brave enough

Roosevelt – Roosevelt
With a creative name and poppy hooks, this is one to check out. The album will surely be palatable and get all the kids dancing/singing along. There’s a bit of an ’80s tinge to it, but with a nice, heavy sound to keep all those bass freaks content.


Ryley Walker – Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
This is the follow-up to Walker’s breakout album, Primrose Green, which earned love from critics around the world. Even Robert Plant has thrown his support behind this artist. I’d never heard of him but already love him. And as I write this, I’m listening to a tune off the new record and am completely satisfied. Nice work, Ryley.

Ryley cover

Slow Club – One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore
This band will touch your heart. The lyrics? Blunt and honest. The harmonies? Nirvana. The beats/music? Just awesome. This powerful little club keeps your interest and will surely sell more copies of this album than any others, including their massively popular Paradise, which came out in 2011. Get ready!


Tory Lanez – I Told You
After releasing free music for years, it’s good to hear Lanez is finally charging some money for efforts. I love the artist, I love the title. A nice mix of R&B and rap, this guy spits the truth and, seemingly, almost comes onto you. Fearless. I dig it.