It’s a good, refreshing feeling when we stumble across a band that doesn’t stick to any particular label, instead existing in that space between genres. Really, the only way to describe them is, quite literally, “alternative.” Speaking of “space,” it might have been appropriate, then, that such a group was paired with a movie that is about space — sort of.

This past Saturday’s Eat|See|Hear event returned to the amphitheater inside Santa Monica High School, where an eager audience caught the misty ocean breeze for an outdoor screening of Spaceballs, a lovable spoof about a very familiar space opera.

As we’ve been doing all summer long, we brought out a band to perform ahead of the screening. This time around that band was Magic Bronson, who sounds nothing like Magic Johnson or Action Bronson, as resident blogger David Fisch readily declares in his interview with the three band members.

Magic Bronson’s recent self-titled EP has brought them more attention, and you can catch the band performing a full set on Sept. 10th at The Hi Hat. But first, get a glimpse of what you might expect from that live performance by checking out David’s interview video below, and then watch an exclusive video featuring their performance of the song “Nor’easter” at Eat|See|Hear.

Be sure to enter our contest to win passes to see the latest Quentin Tarantino stunner, The Hateful Eight, paired with a performance by the local jungle rocks master KONG before the show this weekend!

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