As we have been bringing the “Hear” to Eat|See|Hear over the course of the summer, we’ve noticed that a majority of the bands we’ve presented are rock-oriented. HARDLY a bad thing, but we figured the series could use some spice and decided that, for whatever reason, we wanted to pair a soulful act with an ’80s classic adventure flick that features a move called the “Truffle Shuffle.”

This past Saturday’s Eat|See|Hear event held in La Cienega Park in Beverly Hills saw crowds and pets gather for delicious food truck food and an outdoor screening of The Goonies, but we brought out Ojai-based up-and-coming modern soul artist LUCA ahead of the showing for an interview with resident blogger David Fisch, and the two seemed to bond over Sly and The Family Stone and yerba mate.

LUCA does not have any music available on streaming services, but that is likely to change soon with the release of a single and LP at some point in 2016, and he will be performing at one of our favorite joints, The Bootleg, on September 13th. You can catch a glimpse of what you might expect from his live performance by checking out David’s interview video below, and then watch an exclusive video featuring his performance of the song “Figure It Out” at Eat|See|Hear.

Be sure to enter our contest to win passes to see Spaceballs, the goofy Mel Brooks spoof about a particular space opera, as well as a performance by Magic Bronson, before the show this weekend!

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