I’m not usually a fan of soft, sultry rock songs, but the music of Marissa Nadler has me all turned around. Maybe that’s because it’s so much more than soft and sultry. I mean, it IS soft and sultry for sure, but her sound is so unique I can’t quite pin down the other parts of the formula. Her music stands out as its own genre.

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Nadler released Strangers, her seventh studio album (her deep discography came as a shock to me because I had never heard her name before this LP), in May via Sacred Bones, and it is being praised as her best. I put on her song “Janie In Love” and fell in love just like Janie must have. The song carried me through an experience where memories were provoked and emotions (that I hadn’t felt in a while) were raised. I am now four songs deep into Strangers, and I am not about to stop listening.

Check out “Janie In Love” and enjoy the experience:

This girl makes solid music as well as solid points in her lyrics. The depth of her rhymes mimics the depth of her production. Her music makes you think, but most importantly, makes you want more. Some of her musical changes recall Muse, which, to me, is the highest of compliments. Her voice relaxes me in the coolest way, like when the President makes a good speech and calms you down — same vibe.

For proof, here’s another tune with an awesome title: “All The Colors Of The Dark.”

Marissa Nadler is playing at The Echo on August 3rd, and I’ll be there. Honestly, I didn’t know at the time of the show’s announcement that I’d want to go, but at this point, I wouldn’t miss it. This young lady deserves your attendance.

Listen, guys…I think I’m in love.

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