We’re in the height of summer, so what better time for local singer/writer/producer Luna Shadows to crash land on my music radar? This hypnotic multi-instrumentalist has been running her own show in the City of Angels for years — creating layered, hypnotic pop à la Ellie Goulding with an indie edge reminiscent of Lana Del Rey packaged with upbeat vocals harkening to HAIM — and this Monday, August 1st, she is set for her first live show ever, debuting in the city that inspired her lush pop melodies.

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Luna Shadows moved from New York to LA when she was 18 and quickly became enamored with her new home, crafting a collection of love letters to honor our vibrant city where, as she puts it, “every day is summertime.” Her recently-released EP, Summertime, contains four perfectly produced indie-pop tracks “made in garages and bedrooms under the palm trees of Echo Park” (how much more LA-bred can you get?). 

As the star of her show, Luna’s typically responsible for the writing, recording, producing, engineering, and editing of her music, although she’s recently brought in a couple of mainstream indie pop co‐producers, Brad Hale and Thom Powers of the respective bands Now Now and The Naked and Famous, to help shoulder the load.

There’s a beautiful, romantic melancholy in all of Luna Shadows’ songs, from the crescendoing summer anthem “Cherry” to “Hallelujah California,” a hymn to our West Coast state that includes the line, “Los Angeles, if you’ll be mine, I’ll stay lonely only for you,” a perfect encapsulation of how our city can be our biggest, and most important, relationship. “Cry Wolf” features the poppy riffs of a chorus seamlessly balanced by soaring backing vocals.

The LA native claims to want to distance herself from the “hipster” images Echo Park calls to mind, but her lyrics reference her “vinyl life” and she will not explain the meaning behind her trendier-than-thou moniker. She dresses the part of a monochromatic vintage fan living in a colorful pop dream and collaborates with Echo Park’s own Ride or Cry Collective, the digital marketing force behind LA’s Emo Night. There’s nothing wrong with being a hipster, especially in Los Angeles, so I’ll take Luna’s wistful indie-pop perfection no matter what her label (or lack thereof).


Luna Shadows will be performing for the first time anywhere this Monday night at Bardot as part of their “School Night” series. After putting everything she has into her recorded music, it’s time to translate that passion and energy into her live shows, which can certainly help launch local artists, especially here in LA.

The show is free for 21+ before 10:30pm (and only $5 after, $10 if you are 18-21), so RSVP now to kick off your week with amazing, locally inspired live music.

For more information:

Luna Shadows official website