Here’s the deal. Everyone needs new music now and then to mix things up and surprise the ear drums. That’s where we come in — we’ve got ten albums for you to experience and chew on. Whether your thing is metal or folk, you won’t leave without a few new tracks.

Faun FablesBorn of the Sun
The musical power duo that is Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl has ended its five-year hiatus and re-embraced its wild spirit. This album exemplifies that quality with its eclectic mix of sounds and gypsy-like vibe.


Gap DreamThis Is Gap Dream
Compared to Gabe Fulvimar’s 2013 release, Shine Your Light, this album is a bit more intense. With its protesting lyrics and driving beat, the first single, “College Music,” gave us a taste of the twelve tracks we now get to devour.


Gucci ManeEverybody Looking
After spending some time in jail in Indiana, the ATL rapper has a lot to say with his new music. His producer, Mike WiLL Made-It, describes him as “a machine” — he kept making music even during the time he was in jail. Features on the album include Kanye and Young Thug.


Look ParkLook Park
Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne has created his own solo project, and today marks the debut of its album. Get ready for a substantial amount of mellotron since Collingwood and his producer (Mitchell Froom) both love the moody blues. The album departs from traditional guitar-driven, power-pop tracks and instead relies more on detailed piano arrangements and the simplicity of folk.


No, that’s not a license plate — it’s the name of a Canadian EDM duo that’s pronounced “master craft.” The project put out two albums, The Looks in 2006 and Fist of God in 2009, but this one is more aggressive and powerful than its predecessors. They even broke away from the dependence upon computers and chose to record with analog gear instead (hipster alert).


Safe To SayDown In The Dark
Since the release of Sick To Death in 2012, the pop-punk group has grown into a more mature and polished sound. The lyrics on their second full-length album are full of emotional depth and tell interesting stories. Vocalist and guitarist Brad Garcia says he wants to “continue being the band that tried what others are too afraid to and make people think.”


The AmazingAmbulance
We have Sweden to thank for this band. The album’s title track is just what you need to channel your inner sentimentalist. Last year’s Picture You may have been bright, but this year’s release is emotional and introspective. Enter endless dreamy guitars.


The Big BendCelebrate
The Big Bend is a five-piece rock band led by Chet Vincent and hailing from Pittsburgh. With this record, the group pulled from influences like Neil Young and The Beatles to create an adventurous and spirited sound that’s reminiscent of ’70s rock.


Trust PunksDouble Bind
They’re experienced, they’re clever, they’re talented — what more could you ask for? The New Zealand musicians have given us a collection of tracks that are politically charged and anthemic. Your post-punk soul will be more than satisfied.


Wreck and ReferenceIndifferent Rivers Romance End
The metal band’s third full-length release is full of texture created by layers of electronic sounds. Expect many ballads that will make you think all the thoughts, feel all the feels, and want to listen to it all over again.