Stepping into The Echo on Saturday afternoon was a haven from the heatwave, though only temporarily as Tiny Moving Parts‘ show with Free Throw and Prawn provided ample heat to match the outdoor weather, both figuratively and literally.

All three of these groups work incredibly well on stage, going from fast-paced guitar tapping, jumping around, and wailing-out lyrics to ironically referencing over-used memes in-between songs. Free Throw should hold the record for the most times a band can say, “It’s lit” in a single set.

With the show coming close on the heels of the release of Tiny Moving Parts’ new album, Celebrate, the band, of course, incorporated several songs off that record into their setlist. This crowd was the most responsive I’ve seen one be to material that had been released just a month prior to a performance. The ambiance between bands and audience felt close to what you’d find at a local DIY show where everyone is friends with nearly every person in the room.

Check out my photos below, and be sure to leave a comment with some of your favorite moments or off-kilter banter from Tiny Moving Parts at The Echo!