Puberty and politics are just two of the topics covered in today’s lineup of album releases. Take a listen to add some metal, harmonies, and gangster rap to your musical diet.

The folk-rock supergroup’s self-titled debut album proves that making music with others is a powerful thing. Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Lara Veirs have crafted an album that highlights each singer while still creating a blended and cohesive sound.

case lang veirs

CavemanOtero War
This 6-year-old indie-rock band from Brooklyn hasn’t released music since 2013. Today, they’re making quite the comeback with an album that reflects the amount of time and work that was put into it.

caveman otero

Gojira has had a significant influence in the world of metal, and this album continues that streak. Between the masterful songwriting, mix of contemplative and high-energy tracks, and stand-out riffs, you will be blown away.


Jake BuggOn My One
It may be his third album, but it’s the first one where he’s taken over the songwriting and producing. The 22-year-old’s lyrics are more mature than ever and prove to listeners that he’s serious about his craft.

jake bugg

Laura MvulaThe Dreaming Room
She’s got a British accent and a soulful voice and wins over listeners with her sheer talent. In Mvula’s latest release, creativity is taken to a whole new level. It’s a fresh take on pop music with powerful harmonies and eclectic arrangements.


MitskiPuberty 2
In this album, Mitski sings of how difficult it was having to move to 13 different countries during her childhood. She’s honest and vulnerable without losing her edge. Get ready to hear soft, ballad vocals mixed with punk rage…all in one song.


Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno1000 Watts
Will Holland, the man behind the long stage name, creates music that is detailed, rhythmic, and ready for the dance floor. Guest performers include Hollie Cook and Christopher Ellis.


Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Getaway
This classic band enlisted the help of producer Danger Mouse to change up their sound for this new record. Frontman Anthony Kiedis says the songs on it are “as good as any we’ve ever written.”


SwansThe Glowing Man
You know you’re successful when you release your 14th studio album. Swans gives fans the signature abstract sound with these songs while still managing to throw in a few surprises.


YGStill Brazy
YG is a rapper who’s not afraid to speak his mind. This album showcases his personal opinions and fears about his own life and the state of our nation.