Music festivals are a blast! They provide a seemingly never-ending supply of music and good people to spend your weekend with. However, in Southern California they can often also be (for lack of a better word) gross.

There’s always an endless supply of dust that, no matter how hard I try to keep it off me, manages to get stuck in my every pore by the time I get home. Don’t even remind me of the number of port-a-potties I have had to endure and the number of times I wished I had one of my sisters to pass me a roll of toilet paper like when we were kids.

If these are the kind of things that have prevented you from experiencing the amazingness that a festival can offer, I have found the solution for you: Splash House!


By moving poolside, Splash House cut out all the things I normally rationalize as the price I pay for enjoying my favorite DJs and helped me stay cool while I did it! Which brings me to the most important part of Splash House: the music.

The first Splash House installment of 2016 was bigger and better than ever, and with multiple stages at two different hotels, there was an abundance of bass and pool floaties. It’s hard to say which pool party was the craziest, but if I had to pick the craziest sets, those would be Big Wild at the Riviera, Billy Kenny at the Saguaro, and (my personal favorite and the main reason I took the dive into the pool party scene) Justin Martin at the Riviera!

If you haven’t yet had that insane spring break experience poolside or packed elbow-to-elbow in a pool with your fellow music lovers (perhaps while dancing on your tippy toes in the shallow end because you’re only 5 feet tall #shortpeopleproblems), don’t worry; you have a second chance just around the corner at Splash House’s August event.


Make Splash House the curtain call to this ungodly hot summer. (Seriously, did it just start and is it over yet?) Don’t miss out on the poolside fun and get your tickets now!

Just know if you decide you want to get the hotel package, there’s some pretty stiff competition when it comes to balcony decoration. I saw so many donut, lemonade, Bernie Sanders, Miss USA, and Kanye West memes I thought the Saguaro Hotel was being curated by Facebook!


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