Jason Garriotte is the leader and main writer/performer behind Chords of Truth, and through the project he creates music that has heart, embodying what it means to be a singer-songwriter.

In early-2013, after releasing the critically acclaimed Reflections of Reality, which involved collaborating with 14 producers to generated 57 electronic remixes spanning the genres of dubstep, house, trance, folktronica, hip hop, and more from seven original acoustic folk songs, Chords of Truth packed up his car and hit the road.

CHords of truth sitting

He traveled from city to city, performing, writing songs, and working on business projects, before landing in Los Angeles where he is now recording his unreleased songs in Redondo Beach with his friend/partner/producer Jef Joslin, who plays piano and contributes background vocals, while also handling the production.

Starting with the new single “Wonder,” Chords of Truth will be consistently releasing new singles over the coming months before dropping the full-length self-titled album. “Wonder” is intended to be a song of inspiration and action concerning the future of our civilization. It’s a topic that is relevant and sang with conviction because, let’s face it, our future is looking grim.

The track’s official release date is July 15th, but if you’re anxious, you can check it out right now:

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