Last weekend, I went to The North Hollywood Rec Center where I sampled local food trucks, danced along to indie rock, and watched one of my favorite movies, Jurassic Park, all courtesy of Eat|See|Hear!

LA Music Blog is presenting all the music for all the Eat|See|Hear events in 2016, and this past Saturday, Night Lights brought their feel-good indie rock to North Hollywood to perform several songs off their new EP, Expectations. I talked to Night Lights about their global music influences, how LA differs from their college town of Boston, and what fans can expect from this rising group this year!

Check out my full interview and exclusive performance videos below, and be sure to enter our contest to win passes for Trainwreck and Sleeping Wolf at Santa Monica High School this Saturday!

For a more detailed schedule of events, including which movies are being shown, visit the Eat|See|Hear website.