While Santa Monica was a nice escape from the heat last week, we arrived back in some warmer climes for another round of festivities at Eat|See|Hear, this time taking place at The Autry at Griffith Park. It was most appropriate that the movie was being shown outdoors, and that the band we were presenting matched the vibes.

This past Saturday, the cult classic ’90s movie about high school in the ’70s, Dazed and Confused, was brought out on a big screen at the Autry’s gigantic lawn beside some of LA’s best food trucks. Of course, before each movie at any of these events, LA Music Blog presents the bands, and LA Music Blogcast co-host Marcus Slater was back in the saddle to interview West Coast psych/indie/pop outfit Maszer. He attempts to pull out each member’s memories of their last days of high school, as well as chats with them about their latest EP, Dreamsz.

Check out Marcus’s full interview and an exclusive Maszer performance video below, and be sure to enter our contest to win passes for Coming To America and Cafuné back at The Autry at Griffith Park this coming Saturday to add to your July 4th agenda!

For a more detailed schedule of events, including which movies are being shown, visit the Eat|See|Hear website.