MS MR is one of those bands I fell in love with in a completely random way. It was a dark and stormy night (or 80 degrees at 9 pm, and I just want to sound cool), and I was watching the exploits of the Pretty Little Liars cast as they *spoiler alert* looked pretty and told a lot of lies. At some point, they got caught in some emotional turmoil while a haunting but beautiful song played in the background. I instantly knew I had to find out who sang it.

Despite my propensity to treat the name MS MR like that of a Star Wars character, it is actually pronounced “Miss Mister,” fitting since the New York pop duo is composed of just that: a miss (vocalist Lizzy Plapinger) and a mister (producer Max Hershenow). The group released its debut single, “Hurricane,” in early 2012, and it was that song that got me hooked on MS MR’s dark lyrics and synth-pop sound.

It’s hard to listen to a MS MR song without creating some sort of movie montage in my head, so it’s no surprise their music has been used frequently in films, runway shows, and even the score of Game of Thrones; the group’s music is often able to bring so much more emotion to whatever performance it’s currently soundtracking.

A superstition, that found itself in the way
Of a freed premonition, that could’ve helped me escape
It’s the wrong kind of victory, disguised as a breakthrough
It’s hard when nothing, fits like it used to
When your skin doesn’t feel like home, oh
And I don’t wanna break down and feel alone, oh oh oh
This body only knows, oh
How to hold back more than it shows, oh oh oh

“Wrong Victory” is the most recent music video to be released by the duo, and it encompasses what they do best as artists. On the band’s Facebook page, they shared the below quote to give fans some insight into the meaning behind the song/video:

“We’ve been dreaming of this video ever since we finished writing the song, which is essentially about the struggle and tension in attempting to escape yourself in order to find your truest self. We wanted to linger on the lyric ‘When your skin doesn’t feel like home’ and use it as an opportunity to literally and figuratively explore the masks we wear and the layers we hide behind until we’re left to our most raw form.”

If you like this video, I definitely recommend MS MR’s albums How Does It Feel and Secondhand Rapture. The duo has toured across the US, performing at festivals such as Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and Leeds, and they’re currently touring across Australia, so if you live Down Under and haven’t seen them yet, now’s your chance.


Check out the MS MR Facebook page, and get information on MS MR’s tour!