When Aesop Rock first splashed into NYC’s indie hip-hop scene in the early 2000s, one of his trademark calling cards was his dazzlingly dense, abstract lyrics — multiple listens were often required in order to grasp what he was talking about, and to be honest, I’m still discovering new things about some songs over a decade later.

But times change, and with “Blood Sandwich,” the latest single off his forthcoming album, The Impossible Kid, available April 29th on Rhymesayers Entertainment, the wordsmith takes a more straightforward, literal approach.

The song provides a snapshot of two random stories involving both of Aesop’s brothers, and the accompanying video reenacts said events. There’s a Little League game marred by a random act of violence, coupled with the tale of a missed Ministry concert. Aesop has always had a knack for vivid storytelling, and as his career progresses, it’s been interesting to see him turn those skills in a more personal direction.

To promote the release of The Impossible Kid, Aesop Rock will be hitting the road for a nationwide tour with longtime collaborator Rob Sonic, DJ Zone, Homeboy Sandman, and DJ Sosa. The crew will be hitting Los Angeles with a stop at The Novo on May 12, so be sure to pick up tickets for that one (only $10!).

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