The influences of Sunderland indie-rock band Field Music are sometimes hard to pinpoint, but that’s a good thing; there are simply too many to name individually. The group expertly blends so many elements together that their music turns into this awesomely melted jam. Every track you listen to is just a little different than what you’d expect from power pop, prog rock, funk, new wave, etc. In a way Field Music’s songs are like good wines — every bottle is the same in the sense that they’re all the same kind of drink, but in tasting each one, you’ll notice something refreshingly unique and special.

Field Music’s newest collection of tunes, 2016’s Commontime, is one of the most colorful additions to their discography, returning to an energy that had somewhat taken a backseat over the course of two previous releases. Ironically, that robustness goes as far back as 2010’s Field Music (Measure), which was around the last time the band had toured in The States. You can see where this is going, right?

Field Music Roxy 1
Photos by David Fisch

The band returned to the US in support of Commontime, hitting The Roxy Saturday for a real good night out for great music. Lead singers/songwriters/players/brothers David and Peter Brewis dug into their discography to perform extended or live versions of tracks like “Good Thing,” “Effortlessly,” A House Is Not A House,” “Who’ll Pay The Bills,” and “If Only The Moon Were Up,” all while swapping positions at guitar and drums and always ending on a musical sting for a fun dynamic.

For a group that’s been around for a good decade, Field Music definitely looked and felt like they were in peak form Saturday night, punctuating their vocal harmonies and rocking their musical breaks, taking hold of a rather spacious stage with charisma and presence. The brothers would often interact with the audience between tracks, giving the crowd even more reason to embrace the mood the band set with their music.

With talented up-and-coming artist Hazel English opening, it was quite a memorable night of great tunes at The Roxy and certainly a jolly one. Field Music has a catalog of consistently varied studio recordings, and they brought that variance to the stage in fine form. You might want to check them out before they take another five-year hiatus from touring the US.

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