Self-made rapper and CEO Berner brought Golden Gate Park’s Hippie Hill to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco for an epic 420 celebration on Wednesday. At the foot of the infamous Haight St., visitors from across the globe were greeted with peace and positive vibes accompanied by edible space cakes and pre-rolls for sale. Hundreds of booths advocated for marijuana legalization, and everyone came together to celebrate unity and love.

Hippie Hill
Photos by Markie Escalante

After the 4:20 countdown on Hippie Hill, thousands of fans took the party to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for a fresh lineup of artists including Cypress Hill, Juicy J, and the man himself, Berner. The Bay’s very own Kool John from The HBK Gang opened up the concert and lit up the crowd to prepare them for what would be a six-and-a-half hour show with nonstop music.


Following up Kool John was Dizzy Wright, who performed songs from his latest album, Wisdom and Good Vibes. Wright also featured Berner on his track “I Can Tell You Needed It” from his 2015 album, The Growing Process.

J Boog

Chronixx and J Boog delivered the reggae jams on stage and mellowed out the vibe with Rastafarian influences. Songwriter and vocalist J Boog stood out with his R&B-inspired beats and Jamaican-style lyrics.


Juicy J turned it up and brought it back to the Three Six Mafia days, performing “Slob On My Knob” and, of course, “Stay Fly.” He also announced his upcoming duo album with Wiz Khalifa and produced by TM88.

Juicy J

At the peak of the show, fans went wild for Berner, the man who brought them all together. He performed songs from his Urban Farmer and Drugstore Cowboy mixtapes and newest solo album, Hempire. “We are the number one record with no radio plays,” Berner announced to fans. B-Real then joined the artist to help perform tracks from their Prohibition tapes and announce an upcoming release of part three.

Cypress Hill brought the concert to a bittersweet end, taking the crowd back to some classic smoke-out sessions. They rocked out to “Insane In The Membrane” and “Dr. Greenthumb” and brought out a six-foot-tall glass bong for “Hits From The Bong.”

This event was without a doubt one for the books. The sold-out show brought thousands of attendees to the auditorium and many more to Golden Gate Park, all for the shared passion of marijuana and music.

Berner’s Hippie Hill will live on for years to come and has recently been transformed into a nationwide tour, Best Thang Smokin’ with Kool John and Anonymous That Dude. Tickets are on sale now, and the tour will come to an end on June 17th at Los Angeles’ very own El Rey Theatre.

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