Some bands are able to transport listeners to another dimension, another world, another universe. Purity Ring is one such band. Megan James’ soothing vocals and Corin Roddick’s entrancing synth, along with a hypnotizing light display, captivated the audience at The Observatory Wednesday night and gave them a show to remember.

The Observatory is one of my favorite venues, so seeing such a performance there was beyond fantastic. Security is friendly, the food (yes, food!) is tasty, the multiple patios allow for fresh air, and the tiered GA floor is the perfect size, offering both the clear visibility and intimacy of a small venue, while also being large enough to accommodate a more complex lighting system and stage show.

Purity Ring took full advantage of the deep stage, stringing hundreds of lights in a grid, adding even more dimension to their show. Roddick’s light display/synth is a fascinating instrument, and if you want to know more about how it works and what exactly it does, check out this link: Roddick’s Interactive Light Display.

If you want to be taken on a journey out of this world, be sure to catch Purity Ring next time they play near you.