It’s always a joy to shoot at The Whisky, partially because of the rich history, in part because of the ideal lighting, and largely because the bands that come through are always having a great time performing. While Monday’s headliners, I Set My Friends On Fire, have a good-sized following, a few of the five opening bands that I saw Monday night were new to the scene, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years they’re headlining performances of their own.

Most notable of the openers were A Holy Sin and Reckless Serenade. A Holy Sin is a local LA band, and they put on a great show. They got the crowd going, and their showmanship was on point. They looked like they were having fun while also having a cohesive image.

I am excited to see where Reckless Serenade will be in a few years. They will be on Warped Tour this summer, so be sure to catch their set and show them some support! Their songs are catchy, the guys are good natured and friendly, and overall, I really enjoyed watching them perform.

While I Set My Friends On Fire didn’t go on until 10:30, they put on a great show, really bringing the energy, and the dedicated fans were not disappointed! The bassist was especially fun to watch, as he was moving around the stage and interacting with the crowd.

Overall, it was a fantastic night in Hollywood at an iconic venue, and I’m looking forward to being able to say “I remember back in the day when they played at The Whisky; look at them now, selling out large venues!”