Combine hard-hitting electrohouse beats with the brash brass of 1930s swing and you get the utterly infectious sound of Marcus Füreder, aka Parov Stelar. A seamlessly produced collision of old meets new, Füreder’s flavor of electroswing has been credited with the popularization of a genre that has become a kind of safe haven for people who enjoy their nightlong dance parties without a generous helping of the personal-space-invading, big-room-house bros that have sadly become the poster children of EDM culture. This is dance music with class, people.

Füreder and his entourage of accompanying jazz musicians will be swinging (see what I did there?) by LA this Saturday for a performance at The Novo, the venue formerly known as Club Nokia, following their two weekend stint at Coachella 2016. If you couldn’t make it out to the desert this year (or if you, like me, did catch Parov Stelar’s set and want to see them again because they are that good), this is a night you won’t want to miss. Pick up those tickets while you still can.

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