Vince Grant’s music is colorful and full of emotion. It has a bit of a throwback vibe while simultaneously looking toward the future, and I appreciate how Vince addresses the very real issues of depression and mental illness with his music.

Grant continues to champion honesty and openness with the music video for “Oceans II” from his debut album, My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me. I recommend the album for those who enjoy REM, Elliott Smith, or even Manic Street Preachers.

For Grant, these songs serve as both a revealing personal journal and a form of empowering therapy: “I write songs to cope. I’d like to say I write songs to heal, but that may be asking too much.”

Grant spent his first two summers after moving from his hometown of Chicago to LA busking on Venice Beach. After his first stint on the West Coast, he moved back and forth between New York and LA for years, playing in various bands, gigging, touring, even playing at SXSW, while working a series of dead-end jobs until eventually drug and alcohol problems derailed him.

grant with guitar

Hearing My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me has pulled at my heartstrings, so I thought I’d pass it along. It’s good and honest. One can easily hear the therapeutic energy, and, well, music is the best way to express/vent this, so good on you, Vince. We are in this together!

This release has ignited a public discussion about depression, and it’s not every day that a new music release can lead to a conversation about such a topical and important subject, so take a listen and join the discussion!

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