With just a little more than a couple of weeks to go before the first iteration of Coachella 2016 is upon us, there’s not much else you’ll be hearing Angelenos buzzing about over lattes at Blue Bottle. Naturally, big name acts like the recently reunited LCD Soundsystem or superstar DJ/Taylor Swift beau Calvin Harris dominate the conversation, but anyone who knows me knows I’m always more partial to the undercard performers.

Per usual, the 2016 undercard is loaded with acts that are well worth your time if you’re planning on being in Indio while Coachella is going down. But if I had to choose my favorite size-8-fonters of the lineup poster, they’d be…

De Lux

Because there’s something about funky little basslines and indie-chic monotone vocals that just make me want to throw down my slice from Spicy Pie and dance, dance, dance.


One of my favorite releases I’ve heard so far this year has been the delightfully dark Full Circle from UK band HÆLOS. If you imagine what Portishead might sound like if they started making music now and sprinkled in a little bit of The xx’s melancholy sensibilities, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting yourself into here.


AKA that band whose music was used in those Facebook Friends Day videos or that act that toured with Porter Robinson in 2014. Make no mistake, though; after Coachella 2016, Lemaitre will be known as the band that had the outstanding breakout performance that no one could stop talking about.

Parov Stelar

If you love the old-timey feel of the ’30s hodgepodged with the unce-unce-unce of now, you’ll love Parov Stelar. A pioneer of the electro-swing sound, Stelar and his live band are known for putting on ridiculously high-energy sets rife with blaring brass and bass.

Tei Shi

With a lineup that already includes the likes of Christine and The Queens and Sia, Coachella 2016 will also be inducting Tei Shi to the kickass female artists hall of fame. When you’re exhausted from having the sun bearing down on you in all its 105-degree glory, Tei Shi will be there for you with a refreshing helping of seductively soothing indie pop.