Having seen and reviewed St. Lucia several times already, there’s little point in me throwing out yet another gushing “OH MY GOD, THEY’RE SO INCREDIBLE!” write-up into the void that is the Internet (even if the group’s performance last week at The Fonda would totally merit it).

So in the spirit of changing things up a bit, I’ve compiled a compelling list of reasons why you should plan on catching them the next time they roll into town, starting with…

Ridiculously High-Energy Sets

If you’re not into sets that are capable of making entire 4,000-capacity venues groove around to ’80s-inspired synthy goodness, then St. Lucia may not be for you. Also, you may want to get that aversion to fun diagnosed. If, on the other hand, you’re all about getting swept away in melodic choruses, positive vibes, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, then St. Lucia is just the thing for you!

The group’s albums are perfectly fine to listen to on their own, but they truly meet their full artistic potential when they are complemented by frontman Jean-Philip Grobler’s energetic jump-kicks and percussion that makes your grinning cheeks vibrate a little with every beat.

St. Lucia


This was the song that made me delve deeper into the band’s catalog after I saw them for the first time opening for Ellie Goulding in 2013, and its magical hold on me hasn’t diminished in the slightest. Despite the fact that I’ve witnessed it performed live eight times in the three years since, there’s something about that buildup that makes my spine tingle every time (no small feat considering I’ve become a jaded curmudgeon at shows). “September” is the song that turns many newbies into full-fledged converts to the church of St. Lucia.

Jean-Philip Grobler’s Hair

Aside from cooling off the St. Lucia frontman while he’s jumping around frenetically on stage for 14 straight songs and making him look generally epic whilst he sings, the giant fan positioned squarely at Grobler’s feet serves as an excellent marketing tool for whatever shampoo he’s using. I mean, look at those luscious locks. LOOK AT THEM.

St. Lucia

Superficiality aside, Grobler is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic, engaging singers I’ve seen on a stage. It’s abundantly clear that he loves every minute up there, and that feeling of unadulterated joy is utterly infectious.

Patti Beranek’s General Perfection

Here’s a St. Lucia drinking game for you if you want to have a really good time at one of their shows: take a shot every time keyboardist/tambourinist/backing vocalist/gong ringer Patti Beranek changes instruments (just make sure you’re not the one driving home at the end of the night because we here at LA Music Blog definitely don’t condone drinking and driving).

St. Lucia

“The Winds of Change”

Of all the tracks off of St. Lucia’s newest release, Matter, this was the one I was most eager to hear live. The verses in “The Winds of Change” seem innocuous enough, but before you can get comfortable settling into them, you’re launched into an explosive, uplifting chorus that you can’t help but sing along to.

When you add live instrumentation and exuberant dancing both on and off stage to all that, you have all the makings of a magical concert moment. If there was musical equivalent to what I imagine it’d be like to get kicked in the face by a Lisa Frank unicorn, this would be it.

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