If there’s one thing that I love most about music festivals, it’s their ability to help those attending escape from the everyday and follow their dreams, no matter how big or small those dreams may be. That’s the feeling I had while dancing in a water fountain à la the opening credits of Friends and watching the sun go down on the San Diego waterfront at CRSSD music festival this weekend.

If there’s one thing that I learned about myself at CRSSD, it’s something that I am almost ashamed to admit: I like the main stage! Most of my past festival experiences have been with friends who were vehement that anything on the main stage wasn’t worth listening to. However, since I spent a good chunk of CRSSD music festival on my own, I was able to explore, listen to some of my favs, and also enjoy music that my friends would totally make fun of me for not being too cool to listen to.


Gryffin was an amazing visual spectacle. As someone who started out going to indie-rock concerts where the artists onstage play at least three or four different instruments, it’s always really cool for me to see live instruments in an electronic set.

Whether he was strumming his guitar or banging on an electronic drum kit, Gryffin busted out some amazing electronic versions of all of my deep, dark, dirty secret pop music favorites. His set also featured some of the best live vocals of the weekend with KOLAJ rocking the mic.

The highlight of my second day at CRSSD was undoubtedly the back-to-back set of J.Phlip and Ardalan. Those performances were at The Palms, my absolute favorite stage of the weekend due to the amazing water fountains that ran all alongside the stage and crowd.

Every time I see a water fountain, whether it’s in Paris or a small town square, I immediately wish I could jump in it. As I never wanted to get arrested or kicked off of a school field trip, this is a daydream that up until now has had to go unrequited. However, at CRSSD in San Diego, I not only got to jump in the fountains, but I got to dance in them. It was a life-changing experience!


With amazing closers on both days — Cirez D shut down the night on day one and Dirty Bird master himself Claude Vonstroke wrapped up the second day — I couldn’t have asked for a better send off. This sold-out festival at Waterfront Park fulfilled my deepest childhood desires and taught me something about my musical tastes that I didn’t even know. I can’t wait to come out and play when CRSSD returns in the fall!

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*All photos by Felicia Garcia