Sorority Noise yet again put on an energetic set for their return to the West Coast. This time around, they were acting as tour support for Citizen and Turnover, but I’m very much looking forward to a well-deserved Sorority Noise headlining US tour in the near future.

The band contains some of the kindest, most pragmatic members within the circle of artists they tend to be lumped into. That especially shows on stage, not only in their enthusiasm and intensity in performing, but in frontman Cameron Boucher’s willingness to discuss the realities of mental illness through the group’s music (both “Either Way” off the upcoming It Kindly Stopped For Me EP and “Using” reference experiences surrounding mental illness and coping with its effects).

I couldn’t help but yell along with the lyrics while getting these shots. Immediately after taking them, I wedged into the crowd to continue enjoying the rest of the set. Check out my photos below and let me know some of your appreciation for Sorority Noise in the comments!