Alternative rock band Hot Rumour (formerly Memoirs) formed in December of 2015 to share their love of the spirit of rock ‘n roll with the world. The crew features renowned Los Angeles producer Frankie Siragusa (The Decemberists, Reggie Watts, REM), and this guy knows how to produce the real deal. Songwriter Aaron Ficchi gets the sound going for the band, and his brother Josh keeps the rhythm flowing on the drums. All together, they are a bundle of good music and honest lyrics.

Hot Rumour has a relentless rock sound that I really enjoy. It’s like a fusion of AWOLNATION with a little Muse — an indie sound with a good pop edge. They have a good look and sweet fashion sense as well, and I think their unique aesthetic will resonate with listeners as more and more people find out about the band.

Hot Rumour’s debut single, “Run To Me,” is garnering serious love, which is why the musical family is gearing up for a summer tour. Check them out if they come to your town. Maybe even run to them!

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