Port of Est sounds like a band from Maine, which is probably why I’m drawn to them. Not only is their name intriguing and vivid, their music is a breath of fresh air amongst the excessive number of electronic sounds coming out of Los Angeles. This duo takes you for a wild ride with their music, like a calm roller coaster (as much of an oxymoron as that is).

As their name indicates, Port of Est formed in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine a couple of years ago. Their sound is diverse, and you can hear that these guys are inspired by artists like Bjork, Phantogram, Apex Twin, Sigur Ros, and other electronic and spacey acts. What I like most about them, though, is their pop sensibility. I don’t feel too lost while listening to their music, which tends to happen often.

port of est

There’s drums, there’s bass, there’s hip hop and haze. Do you like that sort-of rhyme? Because that’s how I sum up what I just heard while listening to Port of Est’s debut single, “Valentine In My Headphones.” The song is a synth-layered and rhythmically complex package that allows Hannah Tarkinson’s vocals to take the lead and soar.

“Our music is electronic at its core, but our process imparts an unmistakable analog vibe,” says producer Todd Kitchens (cool name!). “This allows us to maintain a hands-on creative approach that provides room for spontaneity and fresh ideas.” I like it, Mr. Kitchens.

Check out the song and support this duo from the Northeast. I’m sure they’ll be conquering the West soon enough!

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