Fellow LA Music Blog writer Jay Chirinos and I have incredibly similar musical interests, and we’ll often trade off albums and meet at shows for acts that range from the eerily quiet to the menacingly pummeling. I told him about Death Grips. He told me about Bosse-de-Nage.

The NorCal post-black metal outfit emerged out of the Bay Area along with Deafheaven, and the two acts even released a split EP together back in 2012 before Deafheaven’s breakthrough Sunbather hit the shelves in 2013.

You know their name now, but Bosse-de-Nage is right behind Deafheaven having reached the same ether as that group with the release of their fourth LP, last year’s All Fours, an exemplary record of explosive melodies, gorgeous harmonies, and instrumental dexterity crafted with the kind of musicianship one wishes every band could muster.

The group has notoriously never toured LA before, which made their appearance at Complex in Glendale Saturday night an incredibly memorable one for SoCal fans of the band, and I can honestly tell you that you suck for not being witness to this show. Bosse-de-Nage did not disappoint.

Bosse-de-Nage Bobby Cochran
Photo by Bobby Cochran

Considering it was my first time at the venue, Bosse-de-Nage made a major impression, reveling in the venue’s dark-lit underground atmosphere and quality sound system, which made every guitar crunch extra crunchy, ferocious drum hit more brutal, bass strum more pronounced, and vocal more defined.

They played a solid hour of perhaps the finest cuts off of All Fours and their previous LP, III, utilizing a violinist for certain tracks but otherwise keeping it tight and controlled as a four-piece, playing to their strengths. Aside from a monitor issue at the open, Bosse-de-Nage made their mark on LA with the same tenacity and burly instrumental skill exhibited by their studio recordings.

With me in attendance was Jay, who gave the show his seal of approval as well. If Bosse-de-Nage ever visits your town, make every effort to have them melt your face in a live setting.

All Fours is available on Profound Lore.

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