I’ve had the pleasure of seeing DIIV perform at least six times over the past few years, and almost every between-song break has been filled with, “We’re called DIIV. We’re from New York City.” Their three-night stint at The Echo in LA this week was no exception — they’re still called DIIV, and they’re still from New York City — but nothing else about their show was predictable

Over the years, DIIV’s stage presence, venues, and crowds have evolved, and the shift in the style of audience the group attracts has been for the better. Having once seen them open for How To Destroy Angels (a pairing that made little sense to me and much less to the rest of the audience), I can recall a lackluster turnout and response. Thankfully, DIIV’s third night at The Echo drew a much stronger, more enthusiastic crowd.

The band’s shows at The Echo kicked off their tour in support of their new album, Is The Is Are. Judging by the pre-show talk I overheard, the album has brought in a number of new fans who had otherwise never made an attempt to listen to the group’s previously released album, Oshin. The venue was filled with this mix of newer and more established DIIV fans, and at one point, frontman Zachary Cole Smith brought one of the latter, Isaac Murguia, a fan who has covered numerous DIIV songs online, on stage to perform “Sometime” with the group.

Check out my photos of DIIV at The Echo below, and be sure to let me know your favorite moment in the comments!