Courtney Barnett has covered her fair share of artists in her brief but burgeoning career; she’s quite fond of performing a stripped-down, acoustic version of The Lemonheads’ “Bein Around” and a trippy interpretation of The Breeders’ “Cannonball” during her live sets. But now it’s the GRAMMY-nominated artist’s turn to be paid tribute to, and 22-year old Sophie Payten, aka Gordi, has released a cerebral, piano-driven version of Barnett’s breakout single “Avant Gardener.”

The Australian “future folk” artist is like an edgy Enya meets Band of Horses. Her music is ethereal, breathy, and completely enveloping. Her voice is weighty in its restraint, and the instrumentals are delicate, yet affecting thanks to her implementation of the steel string on many of her tracks.

Gordi’s songs sound like a beautiful, dreamy echo of themselves — like you’re listening to them from a distance — yet the lyrics and arrangements creep into your blood and sit with you in a way I haven’t encountered since listening to the debut album from another artist on Jagjaguwar’s roster, Angel Olsen.

gordi 2

Gordi’s only given us teases of what she’s got in store for her forthcoming EP, but if her recent cover of “Avant Gardener” is any indication, then she’s the type of artist you’ll want to listen to with your eyes closed while she naturally lowers your blood pressure.

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