Philly singer/songwriter Valerie Broussard has been all over the map in her travels, and her musical and life experiences abroad and at home are finally uniting into one exciting debut album that looks to establish her to the point that people all over said map will known her name.

Broussard’s debut album is in the works for release this year, but she’s already debuted a new track, “A Little Wicked.” It’s a blend of Banks and Chelsea Wolfe that fully reaches the fleshed-out, nocturnal production potential I’ve seen in Broussard ever since she appeared on the Soundcloud circuit.

Valerie Broussard

As the title implies, Broussard’s soulful vocals sound devilishly seductive on “A Little Wicked,” which is brimming with baroque pop sensibilities and a murky, woodsy timbre that would be entirely overwhelming if not for the cinematic flourishes and orchestral beat that give the track the needed juice to not be overtly shrouded in dark hues. Appropriate, then, that the track is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of Fox’s new television show, Lucifer.

Listen to “A Little Wicked” below or via Spotify and iTunes, and be prepared for the release of Valerie Broussard’s debut album in 2016, the year her name becomes a household one.

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