In 2015, John Legend initiated #FREEAMERICA, a campaign to bring awareness to issues with America’s judicial system, namely immigration and the link between it and the US criminal justice system. With nearly 7 million people under correctional control (according to the #FREEAMERICA website), this is clearly a major issue facing our country, and Legend is determined to educate both himself and others about its implications.

Early this week, Legend and fellow artist Juanes visited Arizona as the first stop on the #FREEAMERICA listening and learning tour. Through that tour, Legend is meeting with people who are or were previously incarcerated, law enforcement officials, legislators, prosecutors, union members, crime victims, and experts on America’s prison problem to gain a better understanding of the issue.

John Legend and Juanes took time to visit inside the Eloy Detention Center, a privately run facility similar to those that house approximately 34,000 immigrants each day, to learn more about the issues that immigrant families face every day in detention centers across the US.

Learning about "crimmigration" today in Arizona. #FREEAMERICA

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The GRAMMY Award-winning duo were denied the ability to perform inside the facility for detainees, so they instead performed atop a makeshift flatbed truck stage outside the facility. By directing the sound system back toward the detention center, they were able to provide encouragement to the detainees within via their music.

John Legend explained even further, “These people are treated as criminals, but their crime is that of coming to America in pursuit of the American Dream. Many have fled desperate situations in their home countries where they fear for their lives. They long to be reunited with their families and given the opportunity to live and work without fear. Surely this country of immigrants can figure out a smarter, more humane way to accommodate those who want to come here.”

Watch their performance below, and if you’re moved to take action, donate to the cause or follow #FREEAMERICA to learn how you can get involved.

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