This week I had the pleasure of attending The Rift’s listening party at The Record Parlour. Everyone at the super-fun event was rockin’ out to the band’s new album, Inventions, due out March 4. May I just say I really like these dudes. The fact that this trio, which includes two brothers, can be as sweet as they are while simultaneously making a rock-solid album should not be overlooked.

Upon first listen to Inventions, soft guitar tones filled my ears, supported by muddy bass and moody drums with many fills. It made for a concoction of beyond-palatable music. This record has swagger, and so do its creators.

The Rift Inventions

The Rift has been hustling the music industry for a while and have shared the stage with a myriad of great players, including The Misfits and Yngwie Malmsteen himself. Last year, they were featured at Uber’s artist showcase event, performed live on Santa Cruz’s KZSC radio station 88.1 FM, and received airplay on KALX UC Berkley 90.7. Presently The Rift is working on a radio campaign, two music videos, and a residency, location TBA.

If you weren’t at their rock ‘n roll party, check them out in the future and keep an eye out for the new album!

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